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Trucking and Transportation

Specialty Adjusting International takes pride in the handling of all trucking and transportation claims.   

We are aware that fraud continues to constitute a high percentage of the claims involved with the big rigs.  We are diligent    In our review and investigation of each and every claim.        

As a former process server appointed by the Chief Judge of the 11th Circuit District for Miami-Dade County, our principal, Nick Viamontes has had great success in identifying and locating drivers, witnesses and other subjects involved in the trucking  and freight industry.  

Witness/Subject location

Experts in trucking and commercial lines

Accident reconstruction experts

Fully bilingual staff  English/Spanish

Signed, recorded and/or notarized statements (English, Spanish)

Fraud training seminars for our adjusters

Detailed caption reporting

Detailed color diagrams

Professional digital or 35mm photographs

Defense claim development



"Prepared to serve your needs"

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            Deborah Viamontes
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