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Fraud Claims         

Is your staff trained to recognize possible fraudulent acts?

Do you "Red Flag" suspicious claims?

We diligently work to detect and investigate suspect claims and report them to the appropriate authorities.  "Insurance fraud is generally defined as the 'intentional' misrepresentation of material facts and circumstances to an insurance company to obtain payment that would not otherwise be made."

Insurance fraud is among the most costly white collar crimes in America.   The numbers are staggering.  In some states, presentation of a false insurance claim is felony, punishable by years in state prison and a hefty fine. Actually receiving payment on the claim can result in additional serious charges such as grand theft.

Faked/ Exaggerated Property Damage

Faked/ Exaggerated Injury

Suspected Arson

Inflated Financial Loss

Previous Fraudulent Claims


Faked/ Exaggerated Property Theft or Loss

Staged Accident/Injury

Organized/ Ring Activity

Unauthorized Entity

Material Misrepresentation

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